Common Questions

Will Regenerative Cell Therapy work for me?

If you have chronic pain or injury and your pain is interfering with your life, regenerative therapies are an effective option. Many of our patients experience significant reduction in pain and improvement in their condition with just one regenerative cell treatment. One of our doctors was a patient himself and, with just one regenerative cell treatment, went from having extreme pain and limited mobility in his knee to achieving 85%-90% optimal function in that knee and a complete elimination of his daily pain. Platelet Rich Plasma treatments can also be combined with stem and regenerative cell treatment to achieve optimal results. Our team at Renew Regenerative Medicine will use a whole-patient, holistic approach to get you maximum results. Often times, chronic conditions are the result of more than one cause. By combining regenerative treatments with other therapies, our skilled medical team will work closely with you to treat your pain and improve your chronic conditions. We are committed to finding you the effective treatment and relief you are searching for.

I have heard of stem cell working for one friend/family member, but not working for another. Why is that?

When it comes to regenerative and restorative treatments, Renew Regenerative Medicine uses the highest level of products and is committed to providing optimal results. Our medical team focuses exclusively on regenerative and restorative treatments. Importantly, our regenerative cell products have an extremely high viability rate (supported by third party studies) when compared to the other products on the market. We also incorporate a whole patient and functional medicine diagnostic approach to pinpoint and treat any underlying conditions that could interfere with you achieving optimal results. At Renew Regenerative Medicine, we are committed to providing top quality services so that you can obtain top quality results.

What is the cost?

Pricing for regenerative and restorative medicine services at Renew Regenerative Medicine varies based on the unique needs of each patient and the conditions (including how advanced the conditions or injuries are) that need treatment. Renew Regenerative Medicine offers services, treatment packages and programs with a range of price points and will develop a program that best meets your health goals, while taking into consideration any financial limitations that you may have. While Regenerative Cell Therapy is often considered our most expensive treatment, the significant and long lasting results that many people obtain from Regenerative Cell Therapy make it a cost-effective treatment over time. With most treatments, getting more than one condition or area treated at one time (a treatment package), will reduce your cost per treatment.

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