Ankle Pain

What causes ankle pain?

In active individuals, ankle sprains and resulting pain are one of the most common orthopedic injuries. Ankle pain can be caused by many different strains and injuries. Some of these injuries include Achilles Tendon injuries, sprains and fractures, tarsal tunnel syndrome and nerve pain syndromes.

Ankle Pain

How is ankle pain typically treated?

Typically, doctors prescribe rest, activity changes, ice, compression, and elevation when an ankle injury occurs. In some cases, the doctor may prescribe medication to assist with the pain while healing occurs. Ankle injuries are extremely difficult to heal because of the complexity of the bones and ligaments in the ankle. The ankle consists of several bones that are held together by ligaments. When these ligaments stretch or tear, the ankle becomes unstable and causes the ankle joint to move around too much, causing additional injury.

How can the medical team at Renew Regenerative Medicine help?

Regenerative and restorative treatments are now available to help with ankle injuries. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy contains a concentration of many different growth factors that reduce inflammation and promote the body’s healing capabilities. Instead of a long recovery, often including pain medications and/or surgery, PRP therapy treats the ankle with local injections. When using PRP for ankle injuries, PRP can stimulate healing and reduce or eliminate pain.

The medical team at Renew Regenerative Medicine also uses Regenerative Cell Therapy injections to treat ankle injuries. Regenerative Cell Therapy allows patients to use regenerative cells and growth factors to help repair and regenerate damaged cells and tissues in their ankle. Stem Cell Therapy is the most advanced and, arguably, most effective regenerative therapy — stem cells can heal and restore damaged joints and have the ability to regenerate cells. Stem cells can be used to stimulate a regenerative healing process in the ankle and in this way can be used to provide many patients powerful, long-lasting relief.

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