Peripheral Neuropathy

What causes Peripheral Neuropathy?

Peripheral Neuropathy is a degenerative disorder of the nerves (usually of the hands and feet) that has many causes including traumatic injuries, infections, metabolic problems and exposure to toxins. One of the most common causes is diabetes. Many other causes can be attributed to autoimmune disorders. However, frequently, the cause of neuropathy cannot be identified. Peripheral neuropathy often causes symptoms of numbness and pain, also described as burning or tingling.

How is Peripheral Neuropathy typically treated?

Physicians typically use a number of medications to reduce the painful symptoms of peripheral neuropathy. While some cases respond well to medications, others do not respond to medication at all, making it difficult to manage symptoms.

Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment at Renew Regenerative Medicine

How can Renew Regenerative Medicine help?

Regenerative and restorative treatments are now available to treat Peripheral Neuropathy in the hands and feet. Regenerative and restorative therapies combined with physio-therapies allow for the effective treatment of pain and numbness in the hands and feet. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) presents patients with a long-lasting treatment option using the body’s natural healing process. PRP uses platelets from the patient’s own blood to promote healing and mitigate the degenerative effects of hand and foot pain, tingling and numbness.

restorative treatments for Peripheral Neuropathy

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