Supervising Physician

Dr. Holly Schisani, DO

Dr. Holly Schisani, DO at Renew Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Holly Schisani, DO is licensed by the Board of Medicine as an Osteopathic Physician. Dr. Schisani is passionate about providing effective natural treatments to patients suffering from joint degeneration, complex chronic pain and chronic conditions that reduce their functioning and quality of life. Dr. Schisani trained at the Institute for Non-Surgical Orthopedics where she gained experience treating a variety of orthopedic conditions with effective, minimally invasive treatments and procedures. Her practice is focused on Orthopedic and Neuromuscular Medicine, with a specific focus on holistic injections and techniques, including regenerative injections, to treat chronic and degenerative joint and muscular-skeletal conditions.

She is a strong proponent of utilizing natural approaches to pain management, treating the root causes of pain and chronic illness as opposed to solely using pharmaceuticals to mask symptoms. Dr. Schisani has conducted research on “Non-Opioid Management to Patients with Chronic Pain” and is committed to finding effective, long term solutions for patients suffering from chronic pain. In addition to her areas of expertise, Dr. Schisani has experience in geriatrics, acute inpatient care, emergency medicine and general surgery. Dr. Schisani is committed to bringing innovative and life changing regenerative and holistic treatments to patients at Renew Regenerative Medicine to help them eliminate their pain and increase their quality of life.

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