Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Jeffrey Hembree, DC

Dr. Jeffrey Hembree, DC at Renew Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Jeffrey Hembree is a Chiropractor with over 30 years of experience providing direct patient care and managing and improving holistic healthcare delivery systems for his patients. He is committed to improving patient access to innovative, evidence-based treatments so that they can life their best lives, free from pain.

Dr. Hembree has experience in developing effective differential diagnostics and clinical treatment protocols to enable patients to get cutting-edge and effective care. Dr. Hembree has excellent clinical skills and a commitment to evidence-based treatments utilizing a holistic and individualized approach.

After his own experience receiving stem cell therapy for his knee, Dr. Hembree went from having daily pain and severely limited functioning in his left knee to re-gaining 90-95% functioning in that knee, enabling him to return to his love of snowboarding and being active outdoors. This experience with stem cell therapy in conjunction with functional medicine diagnostics and nutrition therapy inspired Jeffrey to pursue an integrative healthcare career with a focus on Stem and Regenerative Cell Therapy.

Jeffrey began this work at Advanced Regenerative Health in Denver, Colorado, a practice dedicated to stem and regenerative cell therapy, including the latest stem cell and plasma rich treatments. At Renew Regenerative Medicine Dr. Hembree combines stem and regenerative cell therapies with functional medicine and nutritional therapies to improve the underlying causes of pain and illness to get the best outcomes for his patients. Jeffrey is committed to bringing life changing, evidence based, natural medical treatments to those who need them so that they too can be pain free, active and inspired in their own lives.

  • Member American Chiropractic Association
  • Licensed Chiropractor in Florida, Colorado and New Hampshire
  • Advanced study and training in functional and regenerative medicine
  • 34 years of experience in managing and delivering integrated healthcare
  • National Board of Chiropractic Examiners certified

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