Director of Community Engagement

Maura Barnes, JD, MSW

Maura Barnes, JD, MSW at Renew Regenerative Medicine

Maura is a lawyer and social worker with 20 years of legal, medical case management, nutrition education and community outreach experience.

As the Director of Policy and Advocacy for a statewide nutrition organization, she worked to increase community access to health and nutrition programs. Her experience as a lawyer makes her particularly qualified to research, analyze and synthesize medical research and regulations to bring proven medical treatments to those who need them. In her work as a medical social worker in acute care and hospice settings, Maura helped patients overcome barriers to gain access to the resources and medical treatments they needed to improve their health.

Throughout her career, she has been committed to helping people get the information, resources and care they need to become healthier and life their best lives. After seeing first-hand the life changing benefits of stem cell and functional medicine therapies, Maura decided to pursue a career helping people gain access to these and other cutting-edge medical treatments. Maura is committed to helping people who are struggling with illness and pain get the treatments they need to restore and renew their health.

  • University of Maryland School of Law, Juris Doctorate
  • Gallaudet University, Master’s of Social Work
  • Towson University, Bachelor of Science, Psychology

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