Anti-Aging and Longevity Treatment

Anti-Aging and Longevity Treatment in Naples, FL

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The Anti-Aging treatments at Renew Regenerative Medicine employ the latest scientific research, advances in biotechnology, and clinical preventive medicine to slow down conditions associated with aging. Through preventive treatments, functional medicine diagnostics, early intervention, optimal nutrition, hormone regulation and optimization and regenerative medicine, anti-aging treatments help fight and slow down age-related disease and dysfunction.

What is Anti-Aging and Longevity Treatment?

Anti-Aging Medicine Slows Down the Aging Process and Treats the Underlying Causes of Disease. Your biological age is not the same as your chronological age. In unhealthy people, the biological age is often measured to be much higher than their real age. On the other hand, healthy people are often seen as much younger that they actually are. Anti-aging treatments at Renew Regenerative Medicine focus on slowing down the biological aging process by treating and preventing age-related disease on the molecular and cellular level.

In traditional medicine, physicians attempt to address the processes of illness and control its symptoms. A traditional doctor will prescribe medicine to help mask individual disease symptoms. Because prescription drugs have undesired side effects, they tend to cause further problems in the patient’s body. These secondary symptoms are not the result of the underlying disease, but rather the effect of medication used to alleviate the original symptoms. The patient receives more drugs and the downward spiral of masking disease with prescription drugs continues.

The medical team at Renew Regenerative Medicine focuses on treating the body at the microscopic, cellular, and biochemical levels. We find and treat the cause of disease, and not simply prescribe medication to mask disease symptoms. Instead of maintaining disease in its current state, anti-aging medicine emphasizes the need to improve health, optimize performance, and increase the quality of life for the patient.

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How Renew Regenerative Medicine can Help

Hormone Replacement Therapy:

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy at Renew Regenerative Medicine uses hormones that are identical on the molecular level to the hormones in your body. Hormone levels are tested throughout the process to determine the proper balance. Anti-aging medicine emphasizes restoring hormones to normal, acceptable, healthy levels and returning your body to good health.

Hormone Balance is Vital to Your Health. Patients often complain of fatigue, memory problems, headaches, emotional, and relationship issues. Although these complaints are frequently treated with prescription drugs to mask the symptoms, the true underlying causes are not adequately addressed. The absence or imbalance of certain hormones has been found to be often the primary cause of such common patient complaints. With age, your body becomes less efficient in producing proper levels of natural hormones that are critical to the functioning of all major organs and vital body systems. Unhealthy life style, poor nutrition, stress, and toxins cause molecular stress inside your body and lead to serious hormonal imbalances.

Restoring the healthy hormone balance you had in your prime will correct many signs and symptoms of aging. You’ll enjoy more energy, a stronger sex drive, a healthier metabolism, and more. With minimal intervention, the medical team at Renew Regenerative Medicine can help patients with hormonal deficiencies regain their health and vitality. Perimenopausal women report tremendous improvement in their well-being, reduced depression, better sleep, no anxiety, and no more weight gain. In both men and women, disorders improve, thinking improves, and personal relationships get better. Patients report dramatic results, regained health, and renewed vitality.

Nutrition Therapy:

Along with proper hormone balance, metabolic balance is crucial to your health, well-being, and optimal performance. The body must obtain and absorb the right nutrients to function properly and remain disease-free. Nutritional deficiencies and gut inflammation are often the underlying causes of serious and debilitating symptoms.

Even asymptomatic patients can suffer from low levels of amino acids, vitamins, or minerals. These nutritional deficiencies frequently lead to the development of more serious, often life-threating, conditions. For example, research shows that majority of people are deficient in Vitamin D which plays an important role in improving glucose metabolism, maintaining bone health, strengthening immunity, and preventing cancer.

Using the latest nutritional testing, the medical team at Renew Regenerative Medicine can help you determine your nutritional deficiencies and design a customized supplementation plan. Simple adjustments in your diet and supplements can make a huge difference in the improvement of your health and vitality.

  • IV Nutrition Therapy: Intravenous nutrient therapy formulas at Renew Regenerative Medicine provide a simple and convenient way to fight free radicals, control inflammation, boost your metabolism, and improve energy levels.
  • Nutrition Supplementation: Renew Regenerative Medicine offers nutritional supplements specifically designed to meet the needs of aging men and women. All of our supplements have been third party tested for potency and purity.

Integrative and Holistic Treatments:

Renew Regenerative Medicine emphasizes an integrative and holistic approach to treating the body and the mind. The team at Renew Regenerative Medicine will focus on health optimization and often combine a variety of methods to optimize a patient’s health:

  • Lifestyle modification
  • Fitness and exercise coaching
  • Weight loss support
  • Nutritional planning
  • Detoxification
  • Vitamin supplementation
  • Nutritional supplementation
  • Regenerative medicine
  • Hormone therapy
  • Wellness optimization
  • Body and mind regeneration
  • Sleep disorder treatment
  • Stress management

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