Peptide BPC-157 at Renew Regenerative Medicine in Naples

Strength and Vitality through BPC 157

If you’re looking for an anti-inflammatory that can improve athletic performance, help you lose weight, and address bone and joint health, we’d love for you to meet BPC 157, a special kind of peptide therapy!

Strength Training with BPC 157

This Body Protective Compound (BPC) or peptide is a protein building block derived from human gastric juices. This unique compound helps heal and repair muscles, brings bone and joint health, takes care of pesky stomach ulcers, and enhances athletic performance and recovery.

The Benefits of Peptides

A peptide is a short-chain amino acid, the building blocks of protein, found naturally in our body – and it’s the future of regenerative medicine!

Over 60 FDA-approved peptide therapies relieve many ailments, from hypertension to controlling blood sugar. They can rewrite body chemistry relationships to help promote physical healing and restoration.

Research on this particular peptide began in 1991 and has continued with people experiencing little to no side effects. BPC-157 has been used in research studies to repair intestines, teeth, bone, and tendons, to name a few. Because BPC 157 helps your body form new blood vessels, old injuries and wounds heal faster.

The Benefits of Peptides

What can this BPC 157 do for you?

BPC 157 & TB4 (AC-SDKP) are injected subcutaneously under the skin or as a pill and directed as close as possible to the area that needs its effects. People have reported experiencing the following benefits from BPC 157 therapy:

  • Reduced body fat/weight loss 
  • Better workout and recovery
  • Improved muscle mass 
  • Increased lean muscle development and growth 
  • Strengthened immune system 
  • Enhanced digestive function 
  • Reinforced cardiovascular function 
  • Sustained natural HGH (human growth hormone)
  • Expedited wound healing 
  • Enhanced libido 
  • Improved erectile dysfunction 
  • Better hormone regulation 
  • Improved sleep

Research is continuing to develop — but it shows that BPC 157 is safe and effective, working incredibly fast (depending on the severity of the condition or injury); many of our clients have experienced results in as little as 24 to 48 hours.

Peptides dramatically change the lives of those seeking longevity and well-being. Sports entities do not consider this peptide illegal, making it a perfect addition for professional athletes. If you are experiencing joint pain, have an old injury, or are looking to improve joint mobility, peptides may be your answer.

Renew Regenerative Medicine in Naples, FL, specializes in unique regenerative therapies, including hormone replacements and peptide therapies to help your body naturally heal faster and work better. Because we take a holistic approach to every patient, we will customize a plan to help you reach your health goals. Contact us today to start experiencing a healthier, pain-free lifestyle!

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