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What is a peptide?

Naturally occurring peptides are short-chain amino acids linked together. Peptide therapy uses these amino acid chains to help treat a variety of medical conditions, promoting optimal health and well being.

Peptide therapy for women

Each peptide chain is specific in its structures and functions, but it has the unique ability to impact several different traits simultaneously. For example, one peptide can improve growth hormone production as well as sexual vitality.

Peptide therapy began in the 1920s with the use of insulin. In recent years there have been enormous gains in the development and popularity of many new peptides.

There are over 150 peptides in development or used today, and over 70 FDA approved peptide medications. The new peptide therapies are an exciting breakthrough, providing supportive treatment for a broad range of medical conditions.

How do Peptides work?

Peptides are incredibly diverse and are used to treat what you tell them to; they can be an excellent choice for specific targeted areas.

Peptide therapy may produce:

  • Better, deeper, more restful sleep
  • Boost to healthy levels of growth hormones
  • Decreased in cellulite
  • Reduced joint and muscle pain
  • Improved nail growth
  • Improved workouts and recovery
  • Increased levels of energy, stamina, and strength
  • Increased lean muscle growth via development of new muscle cells
  • Increased muscle mass, definition, and endurance
  • More skin elasticity, reducing wrinkles
  • Reduced body fat
  • Stronger immune system
  • Stronger sex drive
  • Accelerated healing from surgery or wounds
  • Fuller, volumized hair growth
  • Improved bone density and health
  • Improved mental functions

increase energy levels with peptides

As one example, the “growth hormone secretagogues” are unique peptides that stimulate the human pituitary gland’s natural production of growth hormone. By stimulating this hormone, your body will increase lean muscle mass and decrease body fat. You are able to reduce chronic inflammation and both men and women will notice improved libido and sexual functioning.

prevent loss of brain function with peptides

The anti-aging peptides for the brain and cognitive support will help prevent inflammation, loss of brain function, and accelerated aging. They can also improve mental clarity and cognitive functioning.

Whether the peptide is in the form of a nasal spray, a cream, a tablet, or administered intradermally, they are effective. As the peptide enters your body, it signals other cells and molecules to tell them what to do. Peptides are indeed a class of treatment at the forefront of anti-aging therapies that should be considered in any program designed for optimal health and well being.

Types of peptides and how they can help you.

Thymosin Alpha 1

Thymosin Alpha 1 is used to improve cell-mediated immunity in humans, growing new T-Cells or essential immune cells, that detect and destroy foreign invaders.

This peptide plays a vital role in the control of immunity, tolerance, and inflammation and is comprised of 28 amino acids that are naturally produced within the thymus gland.

Growth Hormone Secretagogues

CJC 1295 is a peptide that provides benefits similar to that of the human growth hormones.

This peptide can bond itself with proteins in the blood. It can increase IGF-1, which is a vital growth factor that promotes lean muscle growth, weight loss, and an increase in the quality of your sleep.


Ipamorelin accomplishes the same task as CJC 1295, but it does it in a complementary way. Ipamorelin stimulates the production and release of growth hormone by binding to receptors for a hormone in your pituitary gland.

Sermorelin and GHRP-6 have been getting great results with the same effects as CJC1295 and Ipamorelin respectively.

healthy adult

Most healthy adults who are concerned about overall health, wellness, and anti-aging may benefit from peptide therapy. All medical therapies can have side effects, but under our expertise, you will have an opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of peptides. This particular treatment only encourages specific cellular processes and is used to safely and effectively treat a variety of concerns for a range of people.

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